Social Benefits

Pro Rider Team Travel and Group Networking

Whether travelling on an individual basis or as part of a larger group booking, the team at Pro Rider cycling are continually focused and driven by a desire to ensure that our guests benefit from the social networking opportunities that arise during a Team Tour.

Travelling on the Pro Rider Teambus, staying in the Pro Rider Team hotel and cycling within a group of up to 40 fellow riders who ultimately share the same cycling ambitions and sporting interests, naturally creates new friendships, club affiliations and even business networking opportunities for the entrepreneurial guests on tour.

For competitive riders, this will be your chance to set some personal records on many of Europe’s most iconic pro cycling routes and for the more leisurely riders that just wish to have a good pedal and take in the sights at their own pace, there will be an ice-cold beer or freshly poured coffee and some great conversation awaiting your arrival back at the Pro Rider Team hotel.

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